Fun with language

In this play area, full of surprises, “Fun with Language” offers different thematic alcoves, as well as games from around the world, including a giant Scrabble game and a relaxation area so you can enjoy a little break during your visit.


What is slang? What is its purpose? What is a magic word? Where do swear words come from? Why do neo-tribal languages exist?

  • Good and bad uses of language
  • Magic words & taboo words
  • Fun languages invented for communication within a group
  • Language games


Dive into the exciting world of codes and decoding. With or without a machine, learn to decipher the mythical codes that have played a role in history.

  • The Enigma machine
  • Different types of coding: Caesar’s code, the Vigenere Cipher, Morse…
  • Job focus: Spy
  • Shibboleths


Humour and language are closely connected, discover how these mechanisms work and examples that will make you smile.

Humour with and without language
Some examples

Lies & Forgeries

Enter the world of forgers: lies, weasel words, irony, forgery… and foil the world-famous plots such as the case of the Queen’s necklace, the Dreyfus Affair…

Speech acts
The polygraph
The blacksmith


” To take to one’s heels”, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”… Enter the amazing world of proverbs and find their origin.

Names, addresses & acronyms

We use them every day, and we still do not know their origin and meaning. Get to the heart of the history of names, surnames and acronyms.

  • First names
  • Surnames
  • Different address formats
  • Acronyms

Other invented languages

In order to transport us to another world, imaginary or real, languages have been created or recreated … Discover Qenya or Goldogrin, Elvish languages, or Klingon (Star Trek) without delay…

  • Catalogue of invented languages
  • Gibberish / Charabia
  • Recreated languages


Find word games around the world with a unique selection of game shows! Countdown or Pyramid will never be the same again!

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