LEARNING / Ground floor


Learning a mother tongue
Rediscover the different stages of learning a native language. From the first steps, with a few tears… Each phase has its purpose. And when communication doesn’t happen… The case of “feral children”.

  • Bilingualism
  • “Feral children”
  • How children learn language
  • How the mother tongue lasts: speaking to a pet, a baby …


Which areas of the brain are used for language and writing? And which are used to understand and recognise words?

  • How the brain and different brain areas work
  • Neurolinguistic problems: at birth or due to accidents
  • Job focus: speech therapist


Learning a second language
When you use only one language in your daily life, it is easy to identify your second language. But what about when you are multilingual? Discover the most popular second languages in the world. Learn more about the different methods of learning foreign languages: “classic” lessons, or immersion…

  • What is a second language?
  • Maps of second languages
  • The different methods of learning
  • “Classic” language lessons
  • “False friends” & “cousins”
  • Semantic problems
  • Phonetic problems


The language lab
In an authentic language lab from the 1980s, come back and sit on the benches again to listen to over 4,000 languages at your leisure.


To increase your knowledge, consult specialised publications in the mini-library, free access.