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LANGUAGE / Ground floor

  Start your visit with the discovery of language. What is language? How do we recognise it? How different species communicate? How do we produce sounds? … You will find the answers to these questions in this dedicated space, and don’t forget to test your knowledge before continuing your visit! Linguistics: Key definitions Everyone knows […]


  You will finish your visit by delving into the world of new technologies. From the first computer to social networks accessible on your smartphone, understand the evolution of different languages and digital coding. You will finish by discovering pure linguistics and the teaching of the science of language. Enjoy!   New technology From the […]


  In this play area, full of surprises, “Fun with Language” offers different thematic alcoves, as well as games from around the world, including a giant Scrabble game and a relaxation area so you can enjoy a little break during your visit.   Slang What is slang? What is its purpose? What is a magic […]

LANGUAGES / Basement

  In the basement, you will travel the length and breadth of the languages of the world: their origins, evolution (birth to extinction), their roles, their stories … From their personalities and myths, to ethnolinguistics in one short trip! Put contemporary languages under the microscope! Myths & origins Go back in time, right to the […]

MICRO-CINEMA / Mezzanine

  A real miniature cinema, take a small cultural break for a multilingual screening! Enjoy a selection of films and documentaries from around the world. Something unique: a free cinema!

LEARNING / Ground floor

  Learning a mother tongue Rediscover the different stages of learning a native language. From the first steps, with a few tears… Each phase has its purpose. And when communication doesn’t happen… The case of “feral children”. Bilingualism “Feral children” How children learn language How the mother tongue lasts: speaking to a pet, a baby […]